STOP the Cancellation of Tax Credits for WORKING families

To support the working families, not to keep hitting us the hardest. To encourage people to stay in work and continue to support their own families (or to start doing so). The government should be making it easier to go to work for those with children rather than more difficult. Continue with working tax credits and help towards childcare for those people who do work support their own families.

The cost of living has increased considerably (fuel, food, insurances etc) however wages have not. We continue to earn the same but the cost of everything else has increased. I for one am just pleased to have a job and feel it is wrong to ask for a payrise in such a harsh climate but something has got to give!

Reward for doing things the right way,not the wrong way.This will teach our children the right way to live and prove that it is not socially acceptable to live on the benefits system.

SUPPORT THE WORKING CLASS (after all we are the ones who contribute the most!)

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Eleanor Davies

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Wednesday 29 February 2012

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Sunday 2 September 2012

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