Stop The Government Leaving another Generation on the scrap heap

Let us stand together and stop the government targeting its cuts at people under 25. Stopping housing benefit for under 25 isn't going to solve the problems it will make them worse: crime and homelessness will rise costing tax payers in other ways.

Targeting those most vulnerable in society is not really the answer to the problem. Rather than continue demonising young people, it is time to make real changes and invest in the next generation by providing decent affordable housing, real secured jobs that pay a decent wage so that young people can live without benefits and contribute to society.

If "we are all in this together", the government should take more from those who can afford it and stop targeting young people. Treat everyone the same : set rates for housing benefit no matter what the age , set rate for all job seekers - no more special rates for over 25's.

Please show your support and ensure that this is debated in Parliament!

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Christopher Glover

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Monday 25 June 2012

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Wednesday 26 June 2013

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