Stop the 'War on speed' and increase the 60mph national speed limit

We call upon the Department for Transport to reduce the 'War on Speed' which is currently occurring as well as a proposed increase of the 60mph limit on single carriageways.

Although we understand that speed is an important factor within injuries and fatalities on the UK Road Network, it is clear that the government is out of touch with the majority of motorists due to Parliament's location in central London, where the use of public transport has overtaken the use of cars.

In addition, the government has failed to realise that since the 1920s (when the speed limit was set as a temporary measure) cars have developed and can stop in less than half the highway code distance in many cases. We feel, by signing this petition, the government is neglecting and abusing their position of power in relation to the motorist, and that the government fails to realise that some people, including the petition author, find driving a pleasant experience rather than a simple 'chore'.

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John William Lincoln Brown

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Thursday 5 September 2013

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Tuesday 9 September 2014

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