Stop Type Approval and Market Surveillance Regulations being introduced for Motorcycles and Scooters

The new Type Approval and Market Surveillance Regulation that will see the introduction of compulsory ABS, the sealing of powertrains from airbox to the diameter and aspect ratio of the rear tyre, restrictions on the aftermarket industry, possible roadside checks by police or other government agencies to inspect emissions or for owner tuning etc.

There's EU funded development of electronics to control and govern speeds either through warning systems or actual throttle control and monitoring of driving behaviour, and the plans in Ireland for compulsory, day-glo jackets for riders and pillions. Riders may be stopped and checked.

As with France, where reflective clothing is being debated, the onus shouldn't be on the victim. Will insurance companies start saying that because we weren't dressed in day-glo it's our own fault that an inattentive driver drove into us?

Motorcycles and scooters are part of the urban transport solution, not problem.

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Lex Angel

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Monday 5 September 2011

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Thursday 6 September 2012

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