Stop Water Floridation Poisoning of England's Water supplies

Fluoridated toxic levels lead to an increase in hip & wrist fracture, poor enzyme production, skeletal development, brain and Kidney function. Children & the older voter are affected. There will be an increase to casualty & post care trauma for the young/elderly population for Skeletal/Brain/Kidney issues.
All on Kidney Dialysis will be affected. Those with renal issues will lead to increased risk of fluoride induced nephrotoxicity. Fluoride induced nephrotoxicity is dose dependent. This will directly impact all on Kidney Dialysis and Toxicity survivability. Let’s also not forget the Toxicology accumulation and damage to the Brain.
Mother's Milk fluoride levels are naturally as low as 0.004 PPM(Part/ million), but a baby fed by a bottle from fluoridated tap water is going to get likely more than 250 times that of a breast fed baby. Would nature screw up to this extent? No doctor would force you to take a drug for the rest of your life, but would inform you and invite your consent.

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Please see: We do not want Fluoride added to our water.

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Wednesday 26 March 2014

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