stop your NHS RECORDS being sold\seen by third party

The government wants to sell of the private details of your nhs records to third parties to chase money for the tressury, this is sanctuary of your privacy and your most private details and your information will not be under the protection of you or the sanctity you doctor or mental health practitioner once you gave it. If law should be passed under the pretence of getting med to production and not the millions that the tressury will make out of selling off your information then we have to make sure that there is Stopped now!! the trust in your health service provider is sanctity itself and peoples lives depend on that trust.... this is one sell off to far.. the government is selling off the souls of the people that voted for them literal now and we must make our voices heard and stop it now before someone dies just because they can't trust going to there doctor as the government is making money selling off your health.

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Against auto opt-in sharing of NHS medical records

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Andrew vince

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Sunday 4 December 2011

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