Stopping aid to foreign countries

Imagine if you will, you are an average citizen, you have just enough money to cover all of a person's necessities, you are in debt, you are in a shop and notice a charity box, you decide to give money that you cannot afford to other countries.

Our government is that average citizen, we are giving money to other countries that don't need aid, such as china (with a trade surplus!), India (with a space program worth billions), and many others.

How can we afford to give aid to countries when our country is in massive debt, instead we are cutting the safety in our streets, the army and navy and air force, public services and then they are increasing foreign aid. This is not acceptable.

I believe that the government should stop aid to other countries, if not all countries then to the countries that definately don't need it, instead they should spend it on things that can improve the lives of the people who our struggling in our country and also spending it on reducing our deficit

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Matthew Atkin

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Tuesday 16 August 2011

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