Student Loans for Returning Mature Students

Give students over the age of 25 full tuition fee assistance even if they have previously taken on a degree (incomplete or complete). They would still have to pay it back in line with government regulations, however this would enable further studying for thos who could not pass for variouse reasons. At present it only consideres thos who have a medical condition and not all those who may have financial difficulties or lack of life experiance.

Although it is not plausable to make higher education free it should be accessible to all. With University's hiking up their prices it is impossible for people in low wage jobs to get onto the educational ladder in its current form, THIS WOULD BE STEP IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION.

Make Student Loan Company offer up to 6 years tuition fees changing it from its current 4.

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Andrew Humphries

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Tuesday 4 February 2014

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Sunday 10 August 2014

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