Sugar Levy to be spent in schools educating about nutrition and healthy eating.

The Sugar Levy to be spent raising the profile of healthy eating & cooking in schools. Teaching the next generation how to cook proper healthy homemade meals. It is important to prevent the next generation developing health problems like Diabetes, obesity & heart disease.

As a food teacher we have limited time to teach the basic skills to cook & why some foods aren't good for health. I am a diabetic who didn't understand the health implications of diet until it was too late as an adult. Families now have more than one adult at work, making time for cooking limited. The ease of ready meals & take aways mean people don’t get healthy nutritious meals or understand the risks of eating too much fat, sugar and salt & the quantities they are eating in their food.

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Sharon Boneham

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Thursday 17 May 2018

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Friday 16 November 2018