Support for Pig Farmers: Increase in farmgate price / subsidy for profit

Pig Farmers are also suffering with rising production costs (mainly feed), such that many British Pig Farmers are making a loss.

Since Christmas, the price of soya meal, (important for protein in pig), has risen from £290-295/t - to £400/t. As such average production costs are about £1.75/kg deadweight, compared with a current average pig price of £1.50/kg deadweight.
resulting in a loss of c. 20p/kg or about £18-20 on each pig they sell.

Not only are pig farmers being paid less than the cost of production, the differential between gate price and production cost has increased significantly over the last 12 months, and is continuing to increase.

We are looking for government to combat the monopoly that the major retailers have in squeezing the price paid to British pig farmers.

We require a minimum farmgate price (ppkg) ABOVE the average cost of production, with a reasonable margin, or subsidy to fill that gap, to ensure British food products continue to be produced.

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Lucinda Matkin

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Thursday 26 July 2012

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Wednesday 31 July 2013

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