Swiftly & retrospectively correct UKBA blunders to prevent illegal immigrants putting up roots in UK & then claim family life Human Rights (Article 8)

Bonuses for UKBA officials should be forfeited. e-ID cards & IT systems should be introduced to track the activities (like employment, education, NHS treatment, DWP claims, marriage) of all non-British UK immigrants. Controlling immigration is a very important function of government as it affects the demographics & security of UK forever. ‘See the woods amongst the trees’. Controlling immigration is even more important in the long run than the fine tuning of NHS & education polices. Over 275,000 missing foreign criminals, failed asylum seekers, illegal immigrants & others are still in UK. The backlog included >150,000 migrants (21,000 asylum cases & 3,900 foreign offenders) still illegally living in UK. Another 150,000 cases that had been told to leave UK but had not. 57 foreign criminals who were released in 2006 without being considered for deportation. Why? Also a ‘controlled archive’ of 80,000 asylum applications & 21,500 immigration case where UKBA has lost track of.

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Peter Chuah

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Monday 23 July 2012

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