Switching online gaming servers off after 1 year

Online gaming servers turned off soon after purchase

Why after paying out £40 to enjoy a game advertised as having online functionality must I then be forced to pay another £40 to buy an upgrade - the same product but enhanced now offers online gaming again

Surely they are knowingly miss selling the product and it should be sold with a guarantee of limited online availability

I would like to see online gaming servers kept online for a minimum of 5 years or the ability to switch to an alternative server outside of the game company themselves

I feel this is exploitative and an example of RIPOFF Britain

I quote here the FIFA range of football games by Electronic Arts as an example where servers are turned off after a year after purchase

I believe the product is restrictrive and operates in an unfair manner to the consumer.

In economic times such as these more should be done for the end consumer of these products

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Andy McCandless

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Saturday 30 June 2012

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Friday 5 July 2013

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