Syria: Isn't Our War

In 2003 we were misled into a war with Iraq. In 2006, The Lancet Journal estimated 654,965 Iraqi deaths related to the war, of which 81,000 were innocent children.
In 2010, Whitehall released figures estimating the cost of British funding of the Iraq conflict at £9.24bn, and worst of all it cost the lives of 139 British troops.

10 years later, we are being forced to do with Syria.

Why we shouldn’t go to war:

500,000 the loss of innocent civilians’ lives (500X more than the current lives lost)
War with Syria will naturally lead us to war with Iran
Syrian Rebels have in the past used chemical weapons on civilians with the help of outside intervention and not the Syrian government
War with Syria will cost the UK tax payer excess of £10bn & the lives of more British troops
In 1988 CIA helped Saddam Hussein carry out chemical weapons attack on Iran

75% of Brits do not want war or blood of innocent people on the hands of our nation & risk the lives of more British troops.

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Abdul Q. Khan

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Wednesday 28 August 2013

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