Take out all British soldiers from Afghanistan before 2013.

There are too many soldiers dying in Afghanistan ! Too many British soldiers losing their lives for the sake to win the war between the nato and Taliban. Amongst the soldiers there are also civillians dying when an air strike takes place. There is never been a day when i have tuned into the news and heard a soldier has NOT died. Imagine the families of the soldiers to hear the heartbreaking news that your son has been killed in a bomb. We also need to take in to account the civillians that are dying. 8800 afghan civillians have died ! Yes Civillians not fighters. This is going to incease and incease as long as the British and USA troops are in Afghanistan. There are some stalls on streets whereby it states TROOPS out of Afghanistan. But I have made this E-Petition so people at home can sign it with a few clicks and can be mentioned in the house of commons.

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Hamid Ahmad

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Monday 29 August 2011

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Friday 31 August 2012

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