Tenants to run a business from home

England’s council and housing association landlords should encourage tenants to work from home.
190,000 of England’s 3.5 million self-employed live in social housing, less than in any other tenure. Of those, just 10% work from home or in the same property, compared with 24% of home-owners. ‘There appears to be a common misperception among social tenants that there is a blanket ban on working from home or that it is only allowed in specific and often very restricted circumstances,’. Calling on social landlords to encourage and advise tenants on ways to work from home: ‘Making it easier to run a business from social housing could offer employment opportunities to a significant number of people looking for or wanting to work, particularly those who are looking after their family/home or have a long-term sickness/disability where self-employed home-working offers more flexibility.’ should be revised so that tenants no longer need permission to set up their own home-based business.

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Rachel Gibson

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Sunday 30 March 2014

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