The 1951 convention on the Status of Refugees need to be updated with a British Bill of Rights for UK and likewise for EU states

Claiming be refugees is often used as a loophole to remain in UK (& other EU countries) indefinitely when there no other rights to do so exists. Why should UK & EU accept anyone to remain permanently, together with their large extended family members, whenever a potential immigrant claimed that their own government and/or countrymen are persecuting them? A refugee given permanent resident status anywhere in the EU will be entitled to enter UK & permanently reside in UK. Asylum seekers should be given temporary (not permanent) refuge somewhere suitable in the world. Any HMG that make UK a soft touch for asylum seekers, illegal immigrants & sort of human dustbin for the world would change British security, demographics, culture & identity of UK forever. Controlling immigration is more important, in the long run, then the fine tuning of health & education policies & will also lessen the demand for health, education, housing, social, law and order services in UK.

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Peter Chuah

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Wednesday 19 October 2011

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