The emergency SMS number 112 should be advertised on TV by the government.

The emergency SMS number 112 is a very useful alternative emergency services number to 999. It is a number that also works across Europe and most countries worldwide. In training sessions for Basic Life Support it is clear that most people have never hear of its key properties.

The properties of the emergency number 112 needs to be advertised by the UK government in a television information campaign on BBC. The advantages of 112 are that it is a GPS service. People who are trying to contact emergency services do not need to know where they are as the 112 service can pin point their location. Also, people can register their phone number to text an emergency message to 112. This is crucial in areas where a phone signal is not possible. The text will get through.

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Malcolm Edward Sweetlove

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Tuesday 17 April 2018

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Tuesday 16 October 2018

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