The government must leave the EU in 2019, no free movement, no ECJ jurisdiction

The Government promised the British people to honour the result of the EU Referendum. It triggered Article 50 TEU, which allows for two years before departure. Now, Mrs May is backtracking. She wants a transition period until 2021. Free moment, ECJ jurisdiction and payments to the EU will continue.

During the transition, Britain will have to accept EU regulations and be bound by them after the transition period. It will have to accept continued migration from the EU, and ECJ rulings. The EU can do what it wants with Britain because we won't have a vote in the EP. This places Britain in a precarious position, subject to the whims of the EU. More worryingly, Britain can acquire further liabilities during the transition period. People shouldn't accept the PM's proposal.

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Tuesday 3 October 2017

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