The government should lobby the UN to say that Argentinians of Spanish descent should cede Argentinian territory to native indians and return to Spain

Since the Spanish Government wants the return of Gibraltar and the Argentinian Government want the return of the Falklands (Malvinas) is it not right that all the descendents of the violent Spanish invasion of South America return to Spain much as the inhabitants of Gibraltar and the Falkland Islands are being asked to leave and return to Britain? This will serve the dual purpose that we are then able to negotiate the governance of the Falklands with the true natives of Argentina but also means that those who return to Spain are able to give their views legitimately on the future of Gibraltar. We should lobby the UN to look into this which I trust will concern them greatly. Unless of course the 3 countries and two territories could all agree to live and let live... This is in no way just mischief making against the governments of Spain and Argentina.

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Mike Thackery

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Wednesday 20 November 2013

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Saturday 22 November 2014

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