The right to protect ones self and family by any means while at home

Over the years there has been many cases of 'British citizens' being prosecuted for using force against intruders even when the intruders are committing the crime of trespassing in the first place, yet we as the community are not allowed to protect ourselves or our family's with the force necessary to stop the criminals from the crimes they were about to commit which could be anything from burglary to homicide and us as civilians have no idea about what these intruders are going to do so we need to be able to act with as much force as we need until they stop.
If the intruders are accidentally killed there should be no penalty as it was not intended.
If the government put this idea into action there would be much less crime even in the roughest areas of the UK as people such as burglars would be to afraid to invade people's homes as they could be killed. Everybody knows that these types of crimes waste precious police time so this is a way to stop theses crimes all together.

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Jack Hurst

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Sunday 23 March 2014

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Thursday 26 March 2015

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