The same entitlement financial support to all UK students regardless of address.

On checking the Student Finance England details for our daughter who - it became apparent that as we reside in England - we are disproportionately disadvantaged in terms of government support for further education.
There are no longer non repayable grants available to English residents.

If you live in Scotland, Ireland or Wales you are entitled to non repayable grants towards your university fees and living costs, in addition to your loans. Thus, on a 3 year degree, an English student will be charged £9k study fees and 'may' be eligible for a loan of up to £6905 for living expenses/year - all of which is repayable!
If you live elsewhere in the uk - you are eligible to receive non-repayable grants in excess of £5000/yr.
Over a 3yr course this reduces debt by over £15000! Fair?

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Monday 25 April 2016

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