The UK to leave the European Union.

September 19 1946 Winston Churchill made a speech calling for a kind of United States of Europe but with no intention to join. What happened? We joined in 1973.

40 years on
- 2007 Briton was the 7th highest aider to the EU
- 2008 it was roughly costing £1k for every UK man, woman and child to be in the EU
- Summer 2012 estimated that Briton had since 1979 paid the EU roughly £228b and received back in benefits roughly £143 billion. The difference of roughly £85 billion
- Payments will increase roughly by 2.79% meaning that the UKs contribution to the EU will rise by around £350m in 2013

£350m would be welcomed to improve the British educational system, the health care system, the emergency services, crime, the recession and so on.

It's time WE take control of those private schooled, controlling, wealthy, grotesque men and women that 'lead' this country.

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Hannah Rowalnd

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Sunday 20 January 2013

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