Ticketmaster's Extortionate Booking Fees

Hi would like the appropriate government department to look in to the fees Ticketmaster add on to ticket sales as I believe they are unrealistic and pure profiteering. and As Ticketmaster have a virtual monopoly you can't avoid using them and I thought capitalism was all about choice?

The government have intervened in similar areas before e.g. when the told banks and credit card companies that their charges for late payment or going overdrawn were totally unrealistic. As a result if I go overdrawn or miss a credit card payment I'm charged a more realistic £12 not £30 like they used too. I recently bought two tickets for Barbra Streisand from Ticketmaster, the tickets were £175 (yes extortionate in it's own right) each but the total amount I paid was £385.25 so there was £35.25 in fees. These fees are immoral and the company need to be reeled in.

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Phillip McDermott

Created On

Friday 31 May 2013

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Tuesday 10 June 2014