To be cost effective public funding for homeopathic drugs should only be available if it is backed by scientific rationale and research

Public funding for treatment involving alternative medicine (like homeopathic drugs) should only be available if it is backed by sound scientific rationale and research as to its efficacy. Also drugs should not be prescribed indiscriminately on a long term basis for non-life threatening or innocuous conditions. Drugs have side-effects and can be poisons, if used indiscriminately. To be cost effective, the efficacy of drugs should be grounded on sound biochemical, pharmacological and medical principles, logic, objectivity; tested by controlled drug trails, not on haunches and flawed scientific theories, principles and understanding. Scientific knowledge demands concrete proof and evidence, as well as open to exhaustive learned peer reviews in Scientific Journals, conferences, etc.

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Peter Chuah

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Thursday 18 August 2011

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Saturday 18 August 2012

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