To make unions responsible for direct losses of individuals directly caused by strike action.

To make unions responsible for direct losses or additional coast for individuals not affiliated to unions.

This is to ensure that people who are not union members are not financially inconvenienced by strike action.

If a union strikes and a parent has to take time off work, then the union become for the loss of earnings for one parent or cost of a child minder or babysitter.

If a union strikes and an individial has to take a taxi to work, then the union becomes responsible for the difference between the usual journey cost and the taxi fare.

These cost will need to be proved, but will be dealt with withing 28 days by the union.

In the event of multiple unions striking, the unions will be responsible for a proportion of the costs with the remainder being paid by the other unions involved, again withing 28 days of the claim.

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Ben Thompson

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Wednesday 19 March 2014

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Saturday 21 March 2015

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