Total unequivocal ban on sharia law in the UK.

Total unequivocal ban on sharia law in the UK.
We urge our government to start to protect the stability of this country from within, it is plainly obvious that we are all now at risk from fractions within Islamic practices under the threat of sharia law.
Whist we as a nation do not reject any person or persons from practicing any religion in the UK, we are a Christian country with Christian laws and we object to any threat to our stability via religious cults.
We express our right to object and believe our own culture is in demise and believe our country is in danger from the religious cult of sharia law.
We believe that we must protect what our for fathers fought and died for, freedom from fascist dictatorships, religious cults, we believe the very structure of our nation is at risk.
As the British people of the UK we call for this ban.

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Stephen Lang

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Monday 25 March 2013

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