Tougher Guidelines on Extra-Time and Laptops in Exams

Currently, there are many people who gain from 25% extra-time in exams and/or use a laptop due to a disability.
Ofqual describes a disability as one that "adversely affects the carrying out of day-to-day tasks." The tests used at present do make sure that the candidate matches this criteria.
As a result, many people have an unfair disadvantage over those who have not claimed. Many have also been known to fake the standardised test and/or get a note from a private consultant in order to be awarded extra and/or a laptop.
New, much tougher tests must be bought in so as to give extra time/ laptops to those who actually deserve it rather than those who cite 'petty' excuses such as "poor handwriting" or "sore hand" as this obscures those who really are at a disadvantage.
End the injustice

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Saul Nagus

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Tuesday 21 May 2013