Traffic Management in Bristol, replace Zebra Crossings for Pelican Crossings

Traffic Management in Bristol is poor.

The local council do nothing to address it because of their so say Green Agenda. It seems they believe creating greater congestion will stop people using their cars, justify the introduction of a Bristol Congestion charge and at the same time they also do nothing to improve the public transport options.

This strategy does not work, it creates more pollution, more congestion, which ultimately threatens business investment and jobs in Bristol.

Traffic Management in Bristol should be worked on, and one very simple solution would be to replace Zebra Crossings for Pelican Crossing, this is still pedestrian friendly (and less dangerous as impatient will be less likely to jump the lights, than drive over the zebra crossing which often happens) but will keep the traffic moving, ease congestion and ultimately reduce pollution.

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Cristy Cunnick

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Wednesday 16 October 2013

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Thursday 16 October 2014

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