Travellers should abide by UK laws

Certain citizens are currently enabled to evade laws with little/no consequence under threat of antisocial behaviour. Children should attend school. Adults should work, pay tax, contribute to society as legally required by other citizens. Benefits only awarded under lawful/commonsense circumstances, ie living in a caravan does not require housing benefit. Communities stop being allowed to live where/how they wish if illegal. Communities kept to a decent standard. Vehicle drivers should have valid license, car tax/insurance/mot. State should not support illegal communities or those who don't contribute. All citizens have a culture but following this should not entitle us to break laws. Expect citizens to live equally as decent members of society, not just those who are passive. Divides create animosity, prejudice and extreme frustration by tax payers and law-abiding residents of the UK and wastes millions of pounds of public money yearly.

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Wednesday 5 October 2011

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