UK Construction Industry: 25,000 Back Injuries EVERY YEAR - Role Out Evidenced Solution Nationwide, ROI Already Proven

According to the HSE, the UK Construction Industry generates more than 25,000 back injuries EVERY YEAR. Over 8,000 people will still be in pain after 12 months. And over 5,000 will be off work for more than 3 months.

Back pain accounts for half of all chronic pain. It's the leading cause of sickness absense, and costs the UK £19 BILLION every year.

This e-petition hass been created by BackCare, the UK's National Back Pain Association. Modern training techniques drammatically reduce construction site injuries, in some cases to zero.

This country cannot afford the financial and human cost of inaction. We want the Government to invest to make "Zero Injuries" a new national standard. The ROI alone makes this worthwhile.

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Dr Adam Al-Kashi

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Monday 1 October 2012

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