UK govt to build a ship which can remove and recycle plastic from the oceans

There are "islands" of plastic in our oceans which are 1- dangerous to marine life; 2- polluting our world; 3- a waste of resources
4- a human problem.
The UK govt could lead the world by building a ship which can collect the plastic, process it and bring to the UK to reuse the plastic

Ecological - There are millions of tons of resources lying on the ocean, we put it there, we should retrieve it.

Resource - The technology exists to collect and re-use that plastic resource (think of it like a natural resource which we can mine and exploit). We can build infrastructure projects with free plastic!

Britain was built on a sea-faring heritage. Post-Brexit, this is an opportunity to show that we still lead the world.

Finally, why would you or any country say "no"?

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Paul McAdam

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Saturday 14 April 2018

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Saturday 13 October 2018

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