Unfair Car Insurance

With young drivers with small cars being quoted tens of thousands of pounds and older drivers with years of no claims being quoted thousands. The reasons given for the high quotes are dependent on who you speak to with examples including; there were a lot of crashes last year, there were a lot of fraud cases in your area or it must be the market. This clearly indicates they don’t have any valid reason to be charging these prices other than squeezing every penny they can from people that are already under significant financial pressure. The compulsory need for car insurance and the fact that most of the insurance companies are owned by the same few parent companies has created an uncompetitive market and obvious price fixing and this needs to be addressed before more people are ripped off. We would like a review into the practices of these companies and how they come up with quotes followed by some guidelines and safeguards put in place to ensure these unfair practices don’t continue.

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Adam Barlow

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Tuesday 10 January 2012

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Saturday 12 January 2013

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