Unfair lottery! Camelot U.K. Lottery to be a non profit making organisation!

Camelot are owned by a Canadian company who makes a profit of £32.4 million a year.
Tax avoidance of 10 million s year!
Camelot is a private limited company; its entire share issue is owned by a single shareholder.
More millionaires for less winning numbers.
Unfair and disloyal to the uk.

This national discrace is one of the uk biggest ripoffs. I can't understand why this behaviour is still happening in 2017. Let's put an end to this travesty and make the UK leaders, in disgracing and ending greedy companies. The UK deserves better we are a educated country that needs to stops this corruption!
Every penny made going to good UK, just causes.
The lottery should be owned and run by the UK supporting good charity and causes with every £ of profit.
Let's put a stop to this madness

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Tuesday 17 January 2017

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