uninsured drivers

Law abiding drivers who pay for car insurance are being charged additional premiums to cover the cost of the 000s of individuals who are not paying.

Even when offenders are caught they face a meagre fine which is often a fraction of what they should pay for insurance.

We the undersigned ask the Government to impose tough new penalties on uninsured drivers where the fine is at least 50% more than the annual insurance premium they should have paid. For repeat offenders this should rise to 100%, 200%, etc. each time they are caught. In addition, any vehicle they are driving at the time of the offence should be seized and either sold or scrapped.

These fines should be imposed irrespective of ability to pay and if they can't pay they should be required to do unpaid community work that is calculated at the minimum wage rate until they have paid the fine,

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Paul Taylor

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Wednesday 3 July 2013

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Friday 4 July 2014

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