Universal Credit discrimination against Under 25s

The Equality act 2010 means it's against the law to be discriminated because of age, yet this is exactly what the Government is doing with the standard allowance element of Universal Credit.
Under the current system Single Parents of under 5 year olds are equally all entitled to the same amount of income support. However, with the new changes in Universal Credit this will no longer be the same. Single Parents under 25 will now be facing a shortfall in their income of around £780 per year, because of one sole reason: their age. Single working parents will also be affected by this because of their age. This change is unjustified because one cannot predict a difference in expenses caused by a persons age. This is especially true when person A (over 25) & person B (under 25) are of similar circumstances eg. Both single parents.

Similar circumstance should equal similar allowance, regardless of age.

This isn't about who gets what, this is about the principle of Equal Rights.

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Thursday 9 January 2014

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