universal credit to pay rent cost during the 4week period before first payment

Universal credit is causing a big problem for people falling into rent arrears at the beginning the claim by making the claimant have to wait an initial period of 4-5 weeks before issuing the first Payment in which rent arrears are building up and already people are at risk of Losing their homes.

There used to be help for when people returned to work by giving a grace period of 1 months extra housing benefit to help with the transition from jobseekers allowance to work before the housing benefit was cancelled. Could something like this be actioned? especially when you are moving people from an old existing benefit into the new umbrella of universal credit and rent arrears will have started accumulating. Was this 4-5wk period never thought about?! and the awful knock on effect to follow?

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Tuesday 6 November 2018

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Sunday 5 May 2019

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