Unnessary Refusal of Tier 1 Entreprenuer Visa

To cut down net immigration the Home office and David Cameron has taken steps against hard working immigrants living in UK and contributing to UK economy.
Many Tier 1 Entreprenuer Visa is getting rejected so that they can achieve there cut down targets of immigrants in UK.
But they didn't thought how much immigrants are paying Taxes to the UK and contributing to its economy. UKBA will have to stop unnecessary rejections of Visa of Tier 1 Entreprenuer.
Terms and conditions which laid in Policy Guidance is not Valid. They rejecting many cases out of Policy Guidance.
Visa applicants are enable to get bank letters from Banks due to banks policy. Many cases they blindly check papers and reject unnecessary. There are unnessary reason of refusal. Please STOP is all non-sense soon.
Reason of refusal is even after you score all 95 points. UKBA call for an interview then simply reject case.
Lets fight against UKBA . Home office will have to change its rules and regulations .

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Friday 7 June 2013

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