Urge the USA not to adopt “Title IX”

The policy, Title IX, would effectively define Transgenderism out of the law. It states that sex is the only determining factor in gender and that it can’t be changed. By suggesting this, the White House would be removing all protections for transgender Americans or individuals who live or visit.

This is not a British issue yet, it is vital that we set up and shut this down. By introducing this policy America becomes an affront to not just LGBT+ rights, but to human rights. Trans rights are human rights and we, the United Kingdom and Europe, have an honourable and proud tradition of guarding these rights and sharing them around the world. If one of our closest trading partners and allies can introduce something like Title IX, and we don’t stop them, then where does that put us?

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Siôn Carwyn Pope

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Friday 2 November 2018

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Thursday 2 May 2019

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