Use HS2 finance to build extremely fast broadband infrastructure that connects every computer user in the UK

A petition to the Cabinet Office, as no single department covers this joined –up Government issue.
Why spend billions on building old Victorian technology infrastructure that will not be ready for 20 years, when the critical future infrastructure is huge broadband capacity to connect every UK citizen?
HS2 will transport one thing (people) between only a few set points. Huge broadband capacity:
- allows transmission of data for any purpose between millions of points.
- shrinks communication time to virtually zero
- can be built in a few years with cables, masts and satellites minimising political opposition
- allows emerging technologies like 3D printing to be used to revolutionise the distribution of goods just as current capacity has revolutionised the distribution of services, with benefits to the depressed regions.

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Matthew Quirk

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Sunday 26 May 2013

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Wednesday 18 June 2014

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