Use HS2 funding for NHS & other national train routes

An overwhelming majority of the british public believe HS2 is a silly idea.

Costing in excess of £40bn the proposed idea for a train service that will only shorten train times by up to an hour and will not be completed until 2033.

We the people would like to point out how ridiculous this idea is when we have a crumbling NHS and horrendous train infrastructure throughout the UK, this and the fact that HS2 will inevitably be operated by private companies meaning the money made will not benefit the UK people.

I propose that the £40bn budget be redistributed into the NHS to help create one of the best health services in the world, and be used to improve existing train lines at a fraction of the cost, excess money could also go into education and a means to get the vast unemployed youth in this country into work.

See sense and STOP HS2

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Christopher Dixon

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Tuesday 8 July 2014

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Thursday 9 July 2015

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