Vary school holidays, stop families being exploited.

Every year, holiday companies exploit the hard working families of the nation by massively increasing their prices during set school holidays.
Parents are discouraged from taking children out of school for a holiday but are penalised by unscrupulous companies who raise their prices at these peak holiday times.
Allowing schools to vary the holiday periods will allow families to holiday at different times of the year and avoid these extortionate charges.
At a time when the government is promoting family well being and responsibility I call on them to help the hardest working and allow school governors and teachers to vary school holiday times in consultation with parents, effectively ending this 'market rigging' and profiteering.

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E-petitions cannot be used to request action on issues that are outside the responsibility of the government. This includes:

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E-petitions cannot be used for freedom of information requests.

The following explanatory notes have been added:

Dates for the School Year for Pupils are set: for community and voluntary controlled schools, by the Local Authority; for foundation and voluntary aided schools, by the Governing Body.

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Dave Keasey

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Sunday 11 November 2012

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