Vote to say YES to bedroom tax

Carry On and Move Out!

Most arguments against bedroom tax are:
"The people who will be effected by this did not cause the deficit. It is not acceptable to punish those who merely have a spare room or two ( for whatever reason they have them)" "They have lived there for years" etc etc.

I disagree.

If you are not paying your own rent, or have low rents due to living in social housing, then YES, you should only be given what you need for the majority of the time. "I need a spare room for visitors?!" Get your own house then. We pay our taxes so you can have shelter, instead of living on the streets. I do not pay my taxes so that you get extra comforts.
I love the - "the rich wont be affected." Actually, no, they wont, because they are paying for their own houses. You can buy what you want. When you can't, you get what you need. Simples.

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Monday 28 January 2013

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