W3 Berrymoor bus!

Kingsway Estates W3 buses have been cut down to only a few buses between the hours of 10-1 Monday to Friday.
Please sign the petition to help us be heard as we need the bus back in its normal hours! Starting at 7am - 6.40pm
there are a lot of OAP's on our estate that regularly use the bus. Cutting the buses down will make it hard to elderly people to get to town and back and for the safety of all people we need our bus back.
Parents that get the bus to school with there children in the morning and home at afternoon will not be able to anymore as there isn't a bus during these times. Early workers and late finishers won't have a bus service either.
WHY should we lose out bus service yet HEMMINGWELL and QUEENSWAY run 7-7pm.

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Miss M MS

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Tuesday 7 January 2014

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Tuesday 8 April 2014

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