We need a government for the people that improves the quality of life for all

1. Abolish the bedroom tax, zero hour contracts, workfare and unpaid internships
2. Reinstate free Legal Aid for those who cannot afford to pay
3. Introduce a living wage
4. Stop pay day loans, bankers bonuses, cap property rentals
5. Build affordable social housing
6. Regulate the gambling industry
7. Increase taxes for those who can afford to pay
8. Cancel Trident and destroy all nuclear and chemical weapons
9. Stop contributing to war
10. Bring back into Public ownership energy, water, transport and postal services
11. Insure all new buildings have solar panel and are built to German energy standards and Upgrade existing property to make them energy efficient
12. Make political manifestos legally binding unless circumstances force change
13. Limit Parliament to a maximum of five years
14. If there is no overall majority any coalition must put the new manifesto to a referendum

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Allen Lane

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Tuesday 28 January 2014

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Wednesday 28 January 2015

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