Welfare Reform - spare rooms. Appeal system needed for disbaled and vulnerable claimants who will be forced to move or have their housing benefit cut

Regardless of disability/illness, from April 2013, if someone of working age is in receipt of housing benefit and they have a spare room in their home, they will have to downsize or face a cut in housing benefit of 14% (1 spare room) or 25% (2 or more spare rooms). This doesn't take in to account their future likely support needs, or any unsuccessful effort they make to swap/relocate. Many people have been allocated a spare room to allow for future overnight support, but they will now be penalised for this.
Any savings are likely to be diminished due to the cost to the NHS of the stress and illness this will cause a huge number of people. Provision of schooling, local specialist care and GP surgeries are likely to be problematic due to people being forced to move from the area they live in and seek new providers.
There needs to be a right of appeal, not an unfair blanket reform which doesn't take in to account peoples' individual circumstances and needs.

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Ivor Bermingham

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Thursday 20 September 2012

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Sunday 24 March 2013

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