Wheelchair Access – Too Posh to be Pushed

For the past 3 years Christian Cunningham has been leading an independent and socially rewarding lifestyle, attending high profile sporting and entertainment events, navigating London and surrounding counties public transport systems and visiting friends across the country.

Whilst he completes the vast majority of these challenges unaided, on the rare occasion he requires some propulsion assistance, his wheelchair has been ill-equipped to facilitate this exercise, primarily due to his wheelchair sporting only a single rear left handle.

Please help ensure that his and other wheelchairs are adequately equipped with ergonomic dual handles for the safety and security of all participants, including innocent third parties.

P.S. Support the de-monopolisation of wheelchair manufacturing to reduce costs associated with acquiring and maintaining such an integral and liberating piece of equipment to many users nationally.

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Natasha Cunningham

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Wednesday 2 April 2014

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