Why taxation without representation? Allow votes at 16

This e petition is made in hope that it could bring this topic to the Cabinet Office
The early generations physically fought against sexism and classism so that everyone could get equal votes. However, in spite of the world moving towards democracy; something is left unconsidered- the rights of young’s. It is important that 21st century’s youngster’s should be given an opportunity to shape their own future by letting them ‘’have a say’’ on decision making of the country.

At 16 you can:
*join the armed forces
*get married
*pay income tax and national insurance- Can taxation without representation be fair?
*and more

Germany, which is among the top 10 democratic countries in the world, has given their 16 year olds this right: so why not the UK?

‘’ Yes I am a big supporter of votes at 16. The state can ask a 16 year old to fight and die for this country, why not vote too?’’-Nick Clegg

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Bradley Karemba

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Wednesday 22 February 2012

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