Withdraw Chelsea FC from European football competitons

The English Football Association has long sought to promote racial equality in the English premier league and to take a leading role in challenging racist behaviour abroad. This message is being fatally undermined by the repeated mishandling of racist matters by Chelsea. First there has been the racist abuse by John Terry of Anton Ferdinand, compounded by the 'evolution' of Ashley Cole's statement aided by senior officials at the club. Then there is the routine racist booing of Anton and Rio Ferdinand which Chelsea say they have no problem with. Then there is the monkey gestures aimed at Danny Welbeck. Now there are false allegation of racism against referee Mark Clettenburg. Chelsea should be prevented from continuing to represent the Premier league in Europe until they demonstrate they share the FA's committment to ridding our national game of racism and can deal with these issues competently.

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This is a matter for UEFA.

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Daniel Dugan

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Thursday 1 November 2012

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