Work with EU to allow promotion/marketing of infant formula milk(under 6months)

Currently you are unable to to gain advantage points from supermarkets and reatailers such as boots on formula milk (for under 6 months) you can also not buy formula with these advantage points. This is due to a law that prevents the promotion or discount of formula milk for under 6 month olds.

the price of formula is regulated as to stop 'formula shopping' and prevent people from buying the cheapest formula they can find, as this enables mother/fathers to use one brand or staggared brands through out infancy- they were finding that babies where becoming really unwell by getting fed different formulas every week. It also prevents supermarkets trying to push formula that is close to expire. But parents should be able to gain advantage points on buying formula milk.

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Emma Jayne Danielle Molley

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Monday 9 July 2018

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Wednesday 9 January 2019

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