Workfare Should Be Fair Work

This petition calls for the hours of work mandated by the DWP's Work Programme (ironically dubbed "Workfare") to be limited to a maximum of 10 per week.

We can all agree that 35 hours of real work is worth much more than £50.
At national minimum wage rates, 10 hours labour MORE THAN covers the cost of a Jobseeker's own benefit.

In this country at the moment, it'd be surprising to find that someone could even afford to buy the amount of food they would need to work 35 hours per week for £50. That person would then be expected to ALSO spend hours each day looking for work AND get to the Jobcentre every week... all with that same £50.

We are prepared to work for our benefit but we refuse to be EXPLOITED!
SIGN now to let them know that you will NOT stand idly by and watch your countryfolk be ENSLAVED to pay for SOMEONE ELSE'S MISTAKES!

We don't want Workfare, we want Fair Work!

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Created By

William Hutton

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Tuesday 26 November 2013

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Tuesday 27 May 2014

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